Core banking software and services company. -Successfully operating since 1993. -40 people company -15 successful core bamking installations in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina -Specialized for core banking software and services including modules: Internet banking Mobile banking Card management Reporting tool (regulatory, mgmt) Our solution, CoreBank, has been developed with extensive experience and latest technology based on the model and organization of a modern, dynamic and flexible bank. This is an integral and modular core banking system that represents a strategic tool for bankers. Implementation of our solution enables banks to offer high-quality and fast services to their clients, raising the level of client satisfaction and loyalty, but also to create and review reports much easier, leading to efficiency increase. As a result, the organization will improve with growing performance and competitiveness. CoreBank is designed to connect business processes in the bank and enable easy usage of Internet banking, mobile banking, card management and direct links to other financial or clearing systems, for domestic or international payments as well as for connecting to other specialized modules from other vendors. Flexibility of the system enables easy implementation of legal or regulatory changes as well as integration with existing parts of bank's IT environment.