Financial Inclusion Television International is an international media platform for Financial Inclusion and FINTECH, we specialise in the use of media, most importantly visuals to enhance the development of Financial Inclusion and FINTECH. We also serve as a knowledge sharing platform with stakeholders in the industry. Our focus ranges from Financial Inclusion activities, Sustainable Development, FINTECH and other developmental initiatives. FITV disseminates information globally to its teaming audience on all continents, we bring to fore media section of all events. We conduct and present interviews, stream webinars, conferences, workshops, lectures, documentaries from a global point of view on Financial Inclusion and Fintech programs We present, donors, clients, consumers, academia and other professional activities through videos and other media formats, with the aim of serving as an informative and educational resource centre. For a global outreach share your services, programs, conference, webinars, seminars, workshops, training and initiatives on Financial Inclusion Television International. With Financial Inclusion Television International your global outreach is ensured.